From cavemen to agriculture


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Approximately 10K years ago the way we eat changed. It ensured that the modern world is what we would conclude as overcrowded. We invented the use of diary and various types of corn. Both as a food source and for animal breeding. The evolution from the hunter-gatherer diet to agriculture. At first our digestive systems did not tolerate this. Some, however, had developed an immunity against most of the symptoms. Since above-mentioned were relatively easy sources of food; more people were able to acquire food, hence improving the global birthrate. Humankind could now afford to reproduce more frequently. The most reproductive species of human were hereby in possession of a gene. A gene, which made them partially immune to the otherwise toxic foods of agriculture.
The descendants of the hunter-gatherer people do, however, still exist in our modern society. Allergies like lactose- and gluten intolerance. Although it may not be clear to you; cereal and dairy do have an effect on your health. Be you allergic to these or not. Our intake of bread and such is one of the main causes of arthritis and other similar diseases, or even diabetes.

USDA_Food_PyramidIf we look at the food pyramid from USDA it is an example of how we are unaware of this. Our world is way too overpopulated. We would not be able to step back without falling drastically in population.

Carbohydrates in white bread and even rye bread are similar to glucose (sugar). Our body was initially developed to digest very few carbohydrates. These carbohydrates were also a different type. While sugar is digested rapidly, berries, roots and nuts, the only source of carbohydrates for the cavemen, were structurally more complex. This entailed that the digestion process was slower, which has been the preference of our body since. When we consume glucose the fast digestion causes our body to react as if it was insulin. The energy is quickly stored as fat. This raises your blood sugar.

Dairy products are not entirely bad, nor good for you. Lactose, however, is and this is contained within low-fat dairy products. Low-fat dairy products are highly processed. This includes that they have a high amount of a specific protein. Whey. Your blood sugar reacts to this worse then with carbohydrates. Also, dairy does is not essential for healthy bones. The digestion of wheat, etc. even prevents us from obtaining the calcium in dairy. Regardless of this; non-processed dairy products, excluding milk, do not contain these proteins.

As a conclusion you are in general allowed to eat:

  • Meat,
  • sea-food,
  • eggs,
  • vegetables,
  • fruit,
  • berries,
  • nuts.

In order to balance a healthy life you should eat proportionally according to this model:


In addition to this, you should remember to exercise preferably outside regularly. This is required to maintain a healthy intake of D-vitamin, which you absorb from the sun. Also, drink loads of water!

The basic unhealthy foods:

  • Dairy,
  • cereal products,
  • leguminous fruit,
  • glucose containing- and most processed foods.

If you would like some inspiration on where to start, here are some links:

Other interesting articles:

You can alternatively try searching for it on Google or WordPress. Just type: “Paleo diet” and you are presented with thousands of interesting recipes and guides!

I have been living by this diet for some years now. If you have any questions I would be happy to answer them! I might create an external page on my favourite tips and recipes sometime.



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